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We have been on the web since 1999 for a full 16 years, our name RHorses has been our Trademark and are affiliated with Carmel Valley Ranch same location since 1965.  
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Rylee & Mujo showing at the Oaks Blenheim 2015 Spring Classic
Check out our recently aquired Sport Horse --Straight Egyptian Arabian Stallion
Amerika's Hero

Homozygous Black, SCID clear, CA Neg, Eva Neg, LFS Neg
At Stud Intro Offer!
Welcome to Ryckman Equestrian at Carmel Valley Ranch!  We are a mother daughter team who operate at our Brumfield family owned Carmel Valley Ranch in Del Mar, CA..

We pride ourselves in bringing along prospects of a variety of breeds to perform both in the show ring and beyond.  We believe this sets the foundation for success.

Our riders play an important role in our team as they make this life possible!

Home to Von Sternkraft  German Shepherds
In January 2016 our GSD gave birth to 10 beautiful German Shepherd puppies.  We are training a few and some are inline behind their mother Starla to compete, title and watchover the ranch where the beautiful  equines live at Carmel Valley Ranch.  Stay tuned for our own page celebrating Von Sternkraft Working Dogs!  For now I will share their photos and successes on the news page.


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Published June 26, 1999
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