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BUW Ebon Pharo
In Memory

I am sad to announce the tragic passing of my magnificant Straight Egyptian Stallion a Grandson of  Saud El Ameer, my dream stallion.  It is with heavy heart and not a day goes by that I don't think about Pharo or remember his nickers or the way he rode under saddle.  I was with him until his last moments, with an irrepairable stomach rupture/ colic surgery.  His beauty and spirit live on in his lovely daughter Fayrouz Al Shamah.  Although I will never replace Pharo, my plan will be to line breed the Saud El Ameer blood by crossing Fayrouz to Amerikas Hero.  A very close and blood relative to BUW Ebon Pharo.  Scroll down for pictures of Pharo's daughter taken this last Fall 2013, wearing the same Egyptian halter set as her sire.  

100% Straight Egyptian
Al Khamsa
Homozygous Black tested at UC Davis
Dahman Shahwan Strain
*Rare bloodlines of RG Al Mone and *Nagat
to name a few... View full pedigree

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Egyptian bred filly by BUW Ebon Pharo out of CA Silverlilly

Egyptian bred Filly Fayrouz Al Shamah
by BUW Ebon Pharo

Egyptian bred filly by BUW Ebon Pharo
Fayrouz Al Shamah

The Dahman Shahwan Strain

A direct descendant of the Abbas Pasha and Ali Pasha Sherif treasured bedouin horses of the desert.  The Dahman (meaning dark or black) are believed to be from the horses of King Solomon. The first Egyptian Arabian imported to America, and to receive registration papers was this strain--the Ali Pasha Sherif horse, *Shahwan.
Read more about the Dahman Shahwan strain here: http://www.arabians-international.com/dahman.html

The definition of Al Khamsa Horses

Al Khamsa Arabian horses are those Arabian horses in North America that can reasonably be assumed to descend entirely from Bedouin Arabian horses bred by horse-breeding Bedouin tribes of the deserts of the Arabian peninsula without admixture from sources unacceptable to Al Khamsa.  Al Khamsa reserves the right to determine which horses are called Al Khamsa Arabian Horses.  For further information please visit http://www.alkhamsa.org

Rare and Precious Blood

Pharo is unique in that he has many crosses to black, plus some very rare and precious blood in his pedigree from *Nagat and RG Al Mone, not many horses with this blood.  Other notables such as The Minstril, Ruminaja Ali, Moniet El Sharaf, Ibn Moniet El Nefous, *Adhem  to name a few. 
Click here for full pedigree of BUW Ebon Pharo.

About Pharo

Pharo is a young charismatic leggy blue black colt. His striking movement posesses an elastic stride with correct use of legs.  While his trot can go on forever, his canter is beautifully balanced and flowing for disciplines across the board!  He possesses a nice saddle back with a prominent wither.  Currently being started.  Tested at UC Davis homozygous for the black gene, which means when bred he will never throw red!  Be sure to bookmark this page for future updates.  Scroll down for more pictures.
for more information contact me at ride2jump@yahoo.com

Dreams really can come true! 

 A few years ago while searching for an Arabian mare, I came across a stallion that really caught my attention,  Saud El Ameer.  Sired by the imported Egyptian stallion *Adhem.  I searched and searched for a mare with these bloodlines.  I had no luck.  But during my search, I came across this young colt "Pharo", who's grandsire was the all time great, Saud El Ameer.  But at the time I already owned a stallion and the thoughts of owning two was out of the question.  I went back several times looking at this young colt.  Over a year had passed.  Strangely I decided to part with my black and white stallion MCS Braveheart,  aok
fterall he would remain in the family.  My sister had been asking to purchase him forever.  I did so with the intention of buying a straight egyptian stallion.  So my search began.  Then one day I remembered this black colt.  So I did a quick search and sure enough he was available for sale!!!  Well now you have it.....just remember dreams really can come true!

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Published June 26, 1999
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