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About the Trainer

Daina Brumfield-Ryckman a native of San Diego, shares her expertise in the care, riding and training of show jumping horses.  With a diverse background and an appreciation of all breeds and discliplines she brings to both horse and rider an understanding of true horsemanship and sportsmanship in the show arena.  She loves to see the spark go off when someone is either learning for the first time or someone who "gets it" for the first time.  Daina loves a challenge when it comes to molding a rider into the best equitation rider they can be.  She knows the value of a good seat and hands and her horses she uses in the lessons are fine tuned on light bits so that the rider develops a feel.  You will not see heavy correction bits or overuse of draw reins in her lesson program but you will see riders learning how to communicate with the horse.  You will see them learning to use their aids to lighten a horse up and get them working in balance.  

Our arena is decorated with all different breeds of horses that have the talent to do one thing, and that is to jump.  Daina showed her family owned jumper Finnian, an Appaloosa, to many victories in the A circuit, along with their two very  talented and off the track Thoroughbred jumpers Pewter Splash and Colonnade.  Bringing those jumpers to the top was a  family effort that  took dedication, schooling and tearm work.  There were many times that Daina and her mounts came in the standings 1, 2 and 3 all the way to the year end Championships when the Greater San Diego Hunter Jumper Association was in it's foundation stages.  At the same time, the European Warmblood was quickly taking over the show ring.  But they had a hard time beating the swift jump off times of  her American equine athletes!

Most notable in Daina's early career days were when she post entered the AHSA (USEF) USET Medal class at the Del Mar Showpark on her unbraided jumper, Finnian.  He had just come off of showing and taking Championship placings in the Amateur Owner Jumpers.  Being a post entry, at the time, meant that Daina and Finnian had to go first.  This was the first time and the last time they could compete in the USET due to the age requirements.  Daina felt it was something she just had to do.  To this day in a large enough field of competitors she not only took a 2nd place, but qualified for the Madison Square Gardens.  With her father Dr. Brumfield unable to leave his busy practice, and Daina's full time work schedule at Scripps Clinic, traveling to the Gardens was not in the plan.  But the ride to this day will never be forgotten, every fence rode right on stride and Daina can still remember the intense work off with 3 other riders.  Even with a history of mini-prix wins, A/O Jumper wins and Championships, the medal ride will always stand out!

Daina instills this in her teaching knowledge.  Whether a rider shows or just wants to ride for pleasure, doing so in balance with a good feel will keep a horse and rider connected in unity.  Read more, see photos ....

Daina and Finnian   
The Dream Continues
Ryckman Equestrian is a mother daughter team with Rylee following in her mother, and her grand parents footsteps by competing with her.  Thoroughbred gelding Mujo.  Mujo is the third horse that Rylee has trained.  She graduated from riding her pony Coco to getting a 3 year old POA, when she turned 7.  She trained under her mother's instruction and even showed Holliday Mr. Stubbs over fences for his first time.  She was his sole rider until she outgrew him at 12.  At the same time, she trained a medium pony Pocketful of Sunshine, to be the honest jumper that she is today.  Both of these ponies are offered for sale.  At the same time she began riding her mother's green prospect Mujo who had just turned 5.  He had been to a couple of jumping shows but by all means was still a very young horse.  It took about a year for the both of them to click and now she has taken him to the 3'6" at the A show, a goal that both Rylee and Daina had for 2012.  You will see Rylee working with all kinds of horses at Carmel Valley Ranch from the ground up.  Occasionally Rylee assists Daina's teaching program.  

Ryee showing Mujo at Del Mar Horsepark A rated Summer Festival
Family Photos

Dr. Daniel T. Brumfield on his horse Bommala Bobby.  Bommala Bobby was a reg. AQHA mare who earned her ROM in Showjumping.  Bobby when on to clear the Puissance Wall at the LA Forum Int. with Dianne Grod, at nearly 7'.

Deanne Brumfield, Daina's mother, is showing Bobby in hunters.  Notice the beautiful and correct release with her hands.

Daina's sister Debbie showed hunters and jumpers and now enjoys working and training her Friesian Onyx.  Here he was just a 4 year old and his first time at the beach!  

Daina's sister Dara Brumfield, Trainer at Carmel Valley Ranch.  Here she is showing her Warmblood Gelding, at the time, Jamestown at Indio now Thermal.
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Published June 26, 1999
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