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News and Events posted here!  Enjoy! Around the Barn Student Corner
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Show News and Upcoming Events
Links to some of our Favorite Places
In Loving Memory, I am sad to announce the passing of my father Daniel Taylor Brumfield,  2/6/30-2/11/13.  Each day I still find it hard to believe.  He lived a full life and made a difference in everyone's life he touched.  His family and animals miss him greatly.  In Memory I have posted a few photos, some back in the day horse jumping photos and his favorite song to my mom here http://carmelvalleyranch.net/memory.html  The browser will open up in a new window.

Dad on MCS Braveheart, APHA Stallion
Click on Picture for Larger Image
I miss you Dad, not a day goes by that I don't think of you!

                                Show News and Upcoming Events

Congratulations to Rylee and Mujo winning Reserve Champion Junior Amateur Modified Jumpers at Showpark Spring Classic 2015.

Pocketful of Sunshine took Reserve Champion Pony Jumper and 4th in Low Children's Jumper!  She now resides in Northern California!

Some favorite pictures of Mujo last couple of years!

Jumping at Del Mar Horsepark A rated summer of 2012

GSDHJA Championship, takes 4th in Jr. Jumper 3'6"
 (L to R Daina, Rylee, Ryck & Starla Von Baez, oh and don't forget MUJO)

                                             Photo Flash Back

September 2011, this pair was the winner of the Del Sol 3' Hunter Classic
                                           Upcoming Events

Coming soon!
                                                In the Archives
Here I am schooling with my dad on Pewter Splash a 15.3 hand Thoroughbred gelding that could fly the fences!

                                                Other stuff we do!

In addition to the horses, Rylee and I train our German Shepherd Dogs with two different clubs.  One is strictly obedience and takes place weekly  downtown near the San Diego Zoo.  It's an excellent way to socialize the breed, let them play with other Shepherds and build confidence.  We also participate in Dog Sport weekly and Starla has earned her BH short for Begleithunde it is strictly an obedience test. Our club is fun and the sport family oriented.  I work Starla and Rylee works Magnus. German Shepherds love to work, they love a job, I notice a big difference in Starla when she regularly goes to her training.  She is also trained in scent work, started in tracking and will air scent as well on command.  These are amazing intelligent dogs!  

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Meet Magnus!
Magnus Alexander von Haus Simmons
Born:  9/11/2014

Photo at 7 months
Magnus is a black sable and a son of V Zastin Eqidius and he is a Czech, East German and Belgian Shepherd.  Bred locally by Von Haus Simmons of over 35 years of breeding and raising excellent sound  German Shepherds.  Rylee and I were able to meet 4 generations of  his family members.
Starla and Magnus are best friends!

BUW Ebon Pharo in Memory

2013 was a tough year, losing both my dad and my magnificant stallion BUW Ebon Pharo to a tragic and irrepairable colic surgery that resulted in a stomach rupture.  A very rare occurance in horses.  I had owned Pharo for 9 years, nearly to the date of his death.  I was so devestated that it took me until now to announce it here on the web on my web site.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of my stallion, or remember the way he rode or how he nickered to me.  He was a stallion with a huge presence and as his last attending vet stated, he was very brave!  

A few of my Favorite Pictures of Pharo

Here he was as a mature stallion, he was as majestic as this picture!

This taken Dec 31, 2012 depicts his exotic desert look.  I also believe his spirit looks on as he is here looking toward the ocean.

I always let Pharo say "hi" to his daughter Fayrouz Al Shamah, he took great pride in greeting her and he knew that she was his daughter.  

BUW Ebon Pharo's Daughter
Fayrouz Al Shahmah

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RHorses has gone MOBILE easy to navigate, lot's of links and color scheme different but content the same!  

Rhorses is now available as a mobile app!  Just scan our QR code in with your smartphone and you can keep up to date with what's going on!  And for visiting our mobile site, save  with a coupon (Buy One Lesson save 50% off the second lesson!) *Intro offer to new students only!
Or you can go to http://m.rhorses.com

                           Working Students

Working Student Positions

Ryckman Equestrian is always looking for hard working students to join our team.  What is most important is not always the knowledge but the willingness to learn!  If you are a positive, hard worker that wants to learn more and can not afford to pay for training then you might want to check out the Working Student Positions.  Just drop us an email.  Available to ages 16 on up.

                                   The Gift of Starla
Rylee and I had left in the early evening to look at a German Shepherd pup, two hours away.  It was a July hot and muggy evening and it was thunder showering.  Thinking the whole plan was a bit of a risky undertaking since we didn't see a picture of the puppy, we decided to go on our hunch.  You see we needed another watch dog.  My plan was to get another puppy so that Barney could help in the raising but well, that didn't happen.      
When we drove up to the home where Starla lived her owner was waiting for us with a puppy in his arms that seemed rather large! I was a bit taken back by the pup's aloofness.  Just as I was going to back out and more than likely think about it, the puppy gave me a big greeting and a kiss with her puppy breath tongue. That was it, I was sold.  

I will never forget as the owner was going on and on about her bloodlines and how for many generations he bred for specific traits, the puppy was dragging first a small rug then followed by some shoes out to the patio. Rylee and I could barely hold back our laughter, not so much at the puppy but more so over how oblivious the owner was!  

 As we drove home, the puppy contently riding on Rylee's lap, the storm had started to clear.  Under the conditions the names began to come to us, Stormy, Starlight, then it wasn't too long when we both decided on Starla!  

Amazingly on Starla's 2nd day of being home with us, I had noticed her taking something from Barney's resting spot.  My eyes followed her, then my feet, as I got to the porch, she set something down very carefully by the door and then turned and carried on  investigating the ranch.  Through my amazement she had picked up Barney's collar with his name tag!  I thought to myself...animals know!  
Ryckman Equestrian riders have been helping in bringing along these ranch bred and raised horses.  Not everyone was able to attend shows this year but rest assured they were home working hard on their riding and putting their skills to test!  There are just a few horse and rider matches !

Congratulations Luanne G. on your purchase of Houston!  Photos coming soon!

Congratulations Colleen M. and your Lease( with special rotation) of Ryckman Equestrian horses!  Photos coming soon!

Newly Added to Sale Barn!
Braveheart's Bellestar
2005 APHA Reg. Mare

Onsite Lease with Payment Plan Option to Buy!

Braveheart's Roula
2006 Reg. APHA Mare Artful Move bloodlines

Available for Lease, Possible Lease to Own Payment Plan!

Braveheart's Ibn Hilal
2005 Reg Half Arabian Sport Horse Gelding
Does it all!

Available for Lease, Easy Payment Plan to Own!
Be sure to click to Sales Page

CA Silverlilly Adorable Arabian Mare for 2015 Lease.
August 2015 This mare does it all!
                                      Rider Highlight
Erica jumps Amberina, a 1989 Thoroughbred Mare that is sensitive, foward and temperamental. I bred and raised Amberina at Carmel Valley Ranch.  She spent her green years in Northern California and showed her in Oregon for the first time!  I will never forget the look on Amberina's face when she saw a cow for the first time...I don't think she ever got over it!
                           Renew you GSDHJA Membership
Be sure to renew your Greater San Diego Membership for the 2015 show year!  Remember points won't count if you don't renew it before you show!  Visit the GSDHJA website to renew today!  This supports our barn as well, thank you!  Also, you must do so online, no show renewels are accepted.  GSDHJA Membership Renewal
                           The Spirited Jewel Equestrian Jewelry
In 2010, I opened a store on Etsy selling my handmade jewelry to raise money for our rescue horse Princess and outside rescues.  With every sale, I have donated back to a good cause.  Please take a moment to browse through my artisan crafted one of a kind pieces in sterling silver, gold and mixed metals.  
Handmade Jewelry made by The Spirited Jewel for the horses!

                           Links to some of our Favorite Places 

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The Spirited Jewel

CA Silverlilly owned by trainer, Daina Brumfield-Ryckman
This photo was taken before we descended into the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve.  Six of us rode in a group trail from the Carmel Valley Ranch.                                                                                                        
ღ,Pets Leave Paw Prints in your Heart!   ღ, ღ,

May 19, 2012, we lost our dog Barney of nearly 13 years.  Everyone at Carmel Valley Ranch loved Barney because he was a mascot, a protector and most of all a very much loved family dog.  Barney loved Coco our walk trot pony.  He grew up with Coco and even in his last few months he was still greeting Coco with a big wet kiss on the muzzle.  We used to put a special pad on Coco and lead Barney around on his back!  Barney's last moments were with Rylee and I at his side, I was holding his paw, as he drifted off naturally.  The cactus that is planted over his resting spot, bloom orange flowers quite frequently.  In fact, just the other day I noticed about 5 more little cacti sprouting up!  We have had those plants for years and now, well you see, I think Barney has something to do with that!

A Boxer Rottweiler multi-generation cross
9/1999 to 5/19/2012
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Published June 26, 1999
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