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Houston High Roller
Here is an example of one of our ranch bred and raised geldings!

These are just a few of the beautiful horses that I have trained and sold.  I have a horse an average of 3-5 years before they go up for sale.  Some are bred and raised,others are purchased and brought along.  I am a firm believer that a horse will sell itself!  -Daina

Lady Guinevere
Purchased directly from a breeder in Northern California, Lady Guinevere is now in happy home with her amateur owner showing in the jumper divisions.  Here she was at a breed show with me as a 3 year old.
Tuff Grand Tonka Cue
A family owns this horse now at our ranch another example of a horse that could do just about anything! He was only 4 in this photo with me.
Socks trot
Pull Up His Socks
I only had this horse a few months, he sold himself!

BJ Grand Finale
Kaylee head
Bint Ramses Calam

This Egyptian Arabian mare generated more interest than any other horse I have owned.  Due to her very rare and sought after bloodlines I would receive calls and emails from as far away as the Middle East on the purchase of her, I already had sold her by then.

MCS Braveheart
Owned lovingly by my sister Dara Brumfield.  Braveheart has performed to the 4' Mini Prixs to Sorting Cows, he has crossed many trails and even participated in the Norco Parade of Lights winning his division with many lights strung all over him!  He is a one of a kind stallion and I get to see him every day!
Cameron was one of the best minded Thoroughbreds I ever worked with.  His first time in Green Jumpers he took 4 blues out of 4 classes, not bad!  He was registered as Littermate because he was the only surviving embryo after 6 had been discovered in the pregnant dam.  Bless his heart he was a true and solid gentleman of a horse.  Sadly he has crossed the rainbow bridge in his retirement.
Graff Snow
The same family who purchased Indy on the right, own this horse still to this day!

Another example of a young ranch bred and raised horse by our Stallion Freedom First
Indy sold as a young greenbroke 3 year old to my clients, those are my favorite sales!

I kept Treasure 17 years, I sold him to a young girl who was leasing him and dearly loved him.  He is 25 and still at our ranch with his third owner!

Jack Daniels (Phantom)
I brought this horse down from Northern California and started showing the GSDHJA county shows.  He was the leading Pre Green Hunter by mid Spring.  When the owners sadly put him up for sale, there was a line of people wanting this horse, he sold to the first person that tried him and had an awesome home here in San Diego.  Another spectacular Thoroughbred!
JB Sassy
JB Sassy Pepita

Houston as a baby!

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Published June 26, 1999
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