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Amerikas Hero

2008 Straight Egyptian Stallion
At Stud, LFG
Tested Homozygous Black, SCID Clear, CA Negative, LFS Negative, EVA Negative

2014 Introductory Special / All Mares
$950 (Includes First Collection)
Due in full prior to collection

Booking:  $150
Must be paid in advanced to book Amerika's Hero

Shipping Fees, Not Included
Walking Al Battal out after a 2015 summer workout!

Full Pedigree Or
Al Khamsa Pedigree with Percentages


Nick name:  "Al Battal", pronounced (BAH- TAHL) Arabic for "The Hero"

100% Straight Egyptian
Pyramid Society, Al Khamsa
Tail Male: Saklawi I (APS)
Tail Female: Venus (KDV)

This beautiful stallion is registered Black and is of old foundation Egyptian lines.  With a modern day sport horse look, he has in him what every horseman wants to see and that is conformation, versatility, temperament--He is one to put your grand kids on and yet athletiscm to jump with superb form! Did I forget to mention beauty?  Your heart will melt when you look into Al Battal's eyes and see his sweet soul looking back at you!

Al Battal is line bred Ansata Ibn Halima,  and  his dam HAF Martara is a daughter of Imperial Immarouf.  She traces back to the black line of  Fa-serr, a son of Fadl.  Her dam line is of the strict German Eqyptian breeding program.  Al Battal's Great Grand Dam was imported from Germany.   

Al Battal's sire line traces to Adhem, Saud El Ameer and closer up  Saud El Faserr, RDO Faserrs Fury on up to his wonderfully tempered sire Heart of Fury.  


After the loss of my SE Stallion, BUW Ebon Pharo, I came across Amerikas Hero, while looking for a SE Stallion with the Saud El Ameer line to line breed Pharo's daughter Fayrouz Al Shamah.  I wasn't looking to replace Pharo but I wasn't impressed with finding a stallion for the crossing.  My number one priority was to find a stallion with a sport horse look, Egyptian blood, that could also perform and look good in western tack!  That pretty much narrowed it down.  I found a couple of stallions but without video, I couldn't just breed her to the lines without seeing the movement.  This stallion was not only for stud but for sale.  It was hard to think of buying another stallion, the loss October of 2013 was too close at the time.  But after several discussions with his owner, her life situation, my life situation, Al Battal, Amerikas Hero is here!  His head and look are almost identical to BUW Ebon Pharo.  See comparison photos, you will be amazed.  Although not as tall in stature, his body weight and mass is greater than of  Pharo's.  His temperament more mild but in turn out he knows how to put on a show, just like a desert bred stallion should.  


These photos are what I have for now and Al Battal is in winter condition.  Be sure to bookmark and keep an eye on this lovely stallion. With no The Minstril blood he will make a wonderful outcross for modern day Egyptian breeding.  He will also satisfy the sport horse world and may even make a wonderful cross to serious sport pony breeders. 

My plan is to debut him this year in the show ring.  Earn enough points to have him listed in the SHN Payback program for 2015.  Although, not yet tested Homozygous his first two foals were black fillies with white socks out of chestnut mares!  I don't feel that color is the main objective but due to popular requests, I will soon have him tested.  

His first time carrying the Englsh saddle.

This photo captures his neck and natural head carriage.

Comfortable gaits and a big reach!

My first ride on Al Battal

Nice bend!

For reference, I am 5'10".

Relaxing after his training session.

A natural show off!

Balance and power

Enjoying a good roll after a workout!

Offering him a drink after a quick rinse off.

Amerikas Hero the day he arrived!

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Published June 26, 1999
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